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Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX 92mm 2 Ball PWM CPU Cooler, $26.00
Posted 4.23.2009 at 4:25 PM CST | Computer Components : Newegg

Expired Newegg has the Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX 92mm 2 Ball PWM CPU Cooler on sale for $26.00 with coupon code TOP3RW (expires 4/29/09).

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Rosewill offers "the best choice in value" with its range of CPU coolers that offer high end features and performance at low end prices. The RCX-Z2-EX lives up to this mantra – and looks good doing it. Designed to provide cooling support for the current ranges of AMD and Intel processors, it combines multiple features into a stylish, compact package that performs equally as well as larger coolers.

The base's copper construction ensures maximum heat transference from the CPU's heatspreader. Four sealed, nickel-plated copper heat pipes arch out of the base. The heatpipes support the array of high-grade aluminum convection fins which have large surface areas for maximum heat dispersion. They are also shaped to provide clearance with other onboard components.

The array is cooled by a variable-speed 92mm translucent cooling fan spinning on dual ball bearing mounts. The fan supports PWM which allows the computer BIOS to adjust the fan's speed according to thermal need. The fan can operate between 800 and 2400 RPM and move over 50CFM of air at maximum speed. Using PWM, the fan's loudest noise level drops from 29 to 19 dBA. A universal mounting bracket is included to allow the user to cool AMD Socket 754, 939 and AM2 CPUs as well as Intel Socket LGA 775 processors.


  • Brand: Rosewill
  • Model: RCX-Z2-EX
  • Type: CPU Cooler
  • Fan Size: 92mm
  • Compatibility: Intel Core 2 Extreme (Socket LGA 775), Intel Core 2 Quad (Socket LGA 775), Intel Core 2 Duo (Socket LGA 775), Intel Pentium Extreme (Socket LGA 775), Intel Pentium D (Socket LGA 775), Intel Pentium 4 (Socket LGA 775), Intel Celeron D (Socket LGA 775), AMD Athlon 64 FX (Socket 939, AM2), AMD Athlon 64 X2 (Socket 939, AM2), AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 754, 939, AM2), AMD Sempron (Socket 754, 939, AM2)
  • Bearing Type: 2 Ball
  • RPM: 800 - 2400 ±10% RPM(Supporting PWM)
  • Air Flow: 16.5 - 50.5 CFM (Supporting PWM)
  • Noise Level: 19 - 29 dBA
  • Power Connector: 4 Pin
  • Color: Translucent
  • Heatsink Material: Hi-grade aluminum fins, 4 Embedded copper heatpipes and copper base
  • Fan Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 25mm
  • Heatsink Dimensions: 111 x 108 x 71mm

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